Is that a console in your pocket?

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Madfinger games took mobile gaming to a new level with the original Shadowgun. With superb graphics, attention to detail, a steady flow of updates and even an expansion pack thrown in Shadowgun put other first person shooters on Android to shame. Reminiscent of Gears of War the only thing left to be desired was online multiplayer. Enter Deadzone, the no holds barred follow up to Shadowgun.

With room for twelve players per battle and no lack of willing participants you can easily get in a round whether it be day or night, minor server hiccups notwithstanding. Featuring two modes, including deathmatch which has become a multiplayer shooter staple on similar console titles. As well as Zone Control, a team based mode that will have you holding down the fort, so to speak, and taking control of the opposing team's zones. Matchmaking in both modes is fast most of the time and the with the latest update has become more balanced, which should calm some of the haters down.