UCCW Skins of the Week

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With Wade taking care of more important matters, I’ve taken over for his weekly favorite skins post. Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver as well as he has in the past. I have a couple different resources for when I’m on the hunt for skins so this post will be taking you places you may have never been before. Nothing to be scared of though, unless you fear the unknown, in which case pop a xanax and read on for this weeks hottest UCCW skins.

First up on the list is "Blissful" by In2uition. This skin brings the awesomeness of UCCW to light with three widgets that define minimal. From the tiny icons in the status bar, to the artist color choice, these skins are sure to spruce up any dull homescreen.

The newest skins by justreveal.net member kgill7, “TABD”, were an easy pick. I’ve been a fan of his work for some time now. TABD offers clock and date, weather and a neatly organized shortcuts skin. Done in his traditional style, “eye candy” is an understatement. He’s also released the skin as an installer package with editable hotspots. Download TABD.

As if you haven’t noticed a pattern here yet, I’m into minimal, as well as monochromatic designs. Holler! UCCW by yackovsky satisfies both. With four clocks in two colors (black and white) and modifiable clock formats and hotspots, these are full on clock widgets. Best of all they’re free!

If minimal isn’t your thing and you dig groovy colors, then head over to deviantart and check out the “Classic Fence Android Theme” by Matteo Oliviari. This pack of skins will bring you back to a more simple time. Retro haters be damned! 

Rainmeter is an awesome application for the windows OS, it allows awesome Android-like widgets to your desktop. Recently I’ve been noticing more cross-over ports of UCCW and Rainmeter. Which I think is way cool. One shining example is a port of the rainmeter clock “Robotos” by ErikFx over on deviant art, by Frostroomhead.

If elegant geometric skins are your style, “DIA UCCW” by Obeythe10 is what you’re looking for. For a buck you get two diamond shaped clocks with all the pertinent info that goes perfect on a locker or a desktop. Get  it on Google Play.

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