A new kind of Jive

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Jive Icons are compatible with most third party replacement launchers (Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, GO, TSF and Next). Optimized for high resolution devices and look amazing on tablets and phones alike. At 144x144 these vector icons also scale down to look just as sharp on smaller screens.


-Over 200 handcrafted icons to get started
-Compatible with Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, Go, TSF Shell and Next Launcher. May work on other launchers, I just haven't tested them.
-Five wallpapers using the flatui color palette
-Font included is Suisse BP
-Analog clock widget
-Wallpaper chooser
-Icon request feature by Big DX

I have also just put together a demo version. It includes fifty five icons and five wallpapers so you can get a feel for the theme. Some features were removed, i.e the clock widget and the icon request feature.