It's French For Timeless

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Influenced by modern design and inspired by minimalism, Éternel is an attempt to beautify your Android device. Paired with Apex launcher take the experience further with a themed application drawer. Enjoy wallpapers personally curated from brilliant artists like Merek Davis, Kyle Gray and others.

With 277 skinned icons at launch this theme should take care of your most used apps. If not, use the built-in request feature. 

A New Hybrid Dash

Over the past couple of months, in my spare time, I have been mixing up a new theme dashboard. Using the1dyanasty's template, features from BigDx's source and a new upgraded Widgetlocker section, I've picked only the features that you guys have been most vocal about. As such, wallpapers are now back in the dash. I have also been working with Zooper widgets and plan to make the switch and include some skins down the road.

All of your favorite themes will be updated to the new hybrid dash in due time. I'm also trying to figure out how to package up all versions of FlatCons into one dashboard. Wish me luck on that one ;)



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