Things are changing!

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I'm trying out a different template for my blog this morning. There may be some downtime, hopefully not though. The reason is because I recently disabled my adblocker plugin and noticed disgusting, huge ads on the home page. I simply cannot find it in the code to get rid of it. I don't like big obtrusive ads, that's why, when I do throw an ad into a post, it's just a text link, at the bottom of the post.  This new template is a lot cleaner as well, I think you guys will like it. It has the same sort of feel to it that the actual site i'm working on does, so that's cool.

Edit: So, it's still there. I have no ad widgets in the layout, and can't find anything resembling an ad in the html. Bare with me and enable ad blockers. Seriously, until I can get it removed. Have an awesome day!

Edit 2: You can find tons of cool, customizable templates for almost any blog service, here.