My wife is still rockin the original Evo 4G, I'd like to surprise her with a new device for Valentines Day.

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    My wife is so awesome, you guys have no idea! She is nothing but loving and supportive of me changing my career path and working from home. She works full time while I continue my education and work a little on the side, which is what I post here, and bring in some money through my donation apk's on Google Play. She never complains that I sit at my computer desk all day everyday working and learning. In fact, she's actually getting me a better pc to develop with. Just something slighly better than my presario cq60 stone age laptop that I currently use, but better nonetheless. 
     She has sacrificed a lot so our family can sustain itself the last couple years, even as far as taking my old hand me down Evo 4g instead of getting a brand new phone when we signed her onto my account almost two years ago. It's been a great device for her but it's time has come. She needs a new device WAY MORE than I need a new PC. Trust me.

    Our growing hatred of HTC and Sprint (carriers in general) have us leaning towards Nexus devices for obvious reasons. Our Sprint contract will be up in a little over one year (ouch) and we DO NOT wish to sign a new contract with them. So my options are super simple, get her a Sprint Galaxy Nexus off eBay before those go extinct as well, I have seen some going for less than fifty bucks! Or wait and upgrade and get her a brand new one for $99 plus all the contract fees....nope. I really want to surprise her with one for Valentines day, she'd be so stoked! The truth though, is that, even with my google payout this month, we barely covered the bills. My son's birthday is also this weekend, so there goes any extra money we don't have. :)

     This is where the donation pool comes in. If I can raise even just a hundred dollars, I could get her a stellar device that will last until we can get nexus 4's. (probably next year) You can donate in two ways. (1) Visit the Play Store (link above) and browse my widget skins and icon packs. If you like any of them, purchase them. Easy. :) (2) Click here to donate directly to my paypal account.

     Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone willing to help! Have an awesome weekend!