Fan Art Book Covers

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My Fan Art Book Covers 

First up is 61 Hours, a favorite of mine from last winter.

A Wanted man, Child's newest in the Reacher series, starts out on a lonely highway... (one of the books I am currently reading)

Note: In my next post you'll see why these are related to android. :)

Google Nexus 7 FitFolio-Black SPK-A1554 (Google Affiliate Ad)


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Apps used: Apex Launcher, UCCW
Weather icons are Climacons by Adam Whitcroft

Currently Android

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This theme was inspired by the design of "Degrees" by Stuart Regan
I hope to have made this as easy as possible to emulate. 
First off download the files here (mirror 1) (mirror 2) and make sure you have Multipicture  Live Wallpaper installed on your device. 

Set Apex settings to the following:
  • 3 Screens
  • 8x5 grid
  • Margins set to none
  • No transition effect
  • Hide notification bar
  • Hide dock
Set MPLWP settings to the following:
  • 3 screens
  • set screen one to "currentlyData"
  • set screen 2 to "currentlyHome"
  • set screen 3 to "currentlyWeather"
  • set transition effect to slide.
  • you may need to play around with the advanced settings to get the screens right. It really depends on your device.
When placing the "jump to screen" and "app drawer" buttons make sure to add the widgets first, resize to make room, then place the button. Resize the widget to overlap then long press widget and select "send to back"

a Cultured Android

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Get the UCCW files HERE
Get the wallpaper HERE
Get the Apex Launcher theme HERE
Or, if you prefer free things, get just the icons from the theme HERE
Refer to THIS BLOG POST for a how-to on setting up a custom theme ;)

Analog Set Two for UCCW !

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Download from Google Play

To add this widget to your homescreen you first must have the app Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) installed on your device. You can download it here.

Okay, now just add a 4x3 uccw widget to your homescreen and select one of the five clocks included. Once you are taken back to your homescreen, touch the hand icon to load the skin. Viola!