Ubuntu G Tutorial

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In this tutorial we'll be setting up the Ubuntu g theme. This tutorial assumes your device has a resolution of 480x800.

Firs off, download the source files here
Having trouble getting the files? Try this link. (mirror 1)
Just in case  (mirror 2)

Next, you're going to need a few different apps,

1. Apex Launcher
2. Tasker
3. Minimalistic Text
5. WidgetLocker
6. Multipicture Live Wallpaper
7. Also install "Ubuntu g Uccw.apk" found in the source files. (under system settings go to security then check unknown sources)

OK, now that you have those installed, select apex launcher as your default launcher. Then open up widget locker because that's where we're going to start.
one of the many possibilities.
Under settings in widget locker, set the grid to 10x10 and pull the "anchor" all the way down.
Then select "use alternative wallpaper" and choose ubuntuLock from your sd card. Do not crop it.

From there add a 4x4 UCCW widget and select any one of the ubuntuBattGauge skins. Resize it to fit. (If you can't resize check the advanced settings in widgetlocker.)

Next add a 5x2 Uccw widget and select ubuntuLockClock. Place it near the top of the screen.

Now for the Tap to unlock. Select the default widgetlocker slider. In the edit screen slide the left slider over and select disable. Now do the same for the right slider. Next tap the middle and select "widgetlocker options", unlock. Finally, switch tabs to change the icon to the lock.png image. Remember to tap "done" in the top left otherwise you'll have to do it over again.
Now, if you want to have system output widgets on top of the battery widget, those are the minimalistic text preference files. Move those to the minimalistic text preferences folder on your sdcard. Then add a 3x1 MT widget and scroll down to the bottom of the configuration page and select restore. Pick which one you'd like. Then resize it by stretching it up and over top of the center UCCW widget. From there you can set shortcuts for those widgets back in the MT config menu.

Onto the first homescreen.

Apex settings are as follows:

 Portrait grid: 9x6
No margins
Transition effect: none
Hide notification bar, app labels and shadows.

Swipe up: app drawer
Swipe Down: notifications

Check overlapping widgets.

Hide dock. :)

For the wallpaper choose Multipic Live Wallpaper and click add individual settings.
For screen one setthe picture source to a single picture then select ubuntuHomeScreen1.
Add settings for screens 2 and 3 as well.

For the dockbar, you can add your shortcuts however you see fit. By uccw hotspots, desktop visualizer and a transparent icon, edit the apps icon to be transparent. Really, it's up to you. :) I still use desktop visualizer.

Screen 2

Add a UCCW 5x2 widget to the screen selecting the ubuntuHomeClock.
Resize it to fit.

(Note: the message widget is a combo of the tasker profile provided and minimalistic text. Tasker is not free. I will not send it to you. If you have purchased it, add the smsRecieved.xml file to the profiles folder. Open tasker and run the profile. Add the text by using the locale variable in minimalistic text. I'll make aseperate tutorial for that if there's enough demand.)

Long press over the all apps button and add two apex action "app drawers" side by side. Then edit the icons to be transparent, by long pressing the icon, then tap the icon in the next dialog box. And navigate to the blank.png and select it. Repeat for the other one.

After adding your shortcuts, overlap them to app drawer, long press, and tap, "send to back" so that the app drawer shortcuts are always on top in that particular area.

The bottom of the screen can be used as a battery bar by adding the ubuntuBottomBattery skin, strectch to the bottom, send to back.

On to the 3rd screen

Set it up the same way as the other screens. Using your preffered shortcut method. Just make sure to make all icons transparent.

Also, down at the bottom I replaced the battery bar with the running apps shortcut. This is another one of Apex launchers actions.

Add as many as you want to the bottom and edit them with the blank icon.

Thanks for reading. Expect updates soon, i'm currently working on an "events" screen and a "news and weather" page. Stay tuned for more! 

Update, my service was shut off so my ideas for this theme will have to wait until I can afford phone service again. This project has not been abandoned!


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